We are Renovating

Tingirana Noosa is about to undergo a full renovation – from rooms, to reception and new touches to our other facilities (pool, gym and more).

A fresh new look.

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Makeover Complete!

It’s been a manic few months but it’s finally over.  The dust has settled and we’re looking and feeling fantastic.

Officially opening on schedule for the 1st of September – with quite a few sleepness nights in the last weeks of August for our team.

We welcomed our first guests on Friday and they are now enjoying our new look and guest improvements.

The photographer will be coming through soon to take some new photos so we can show our new look properly.   In the meantime, here are a few shots to show how far we’ve come – before and after!

Before and After – Guest Balconies

Before and After – Pool Deck

Before and After – Guest Room Kitchens

Before and After – Guest Room Living

Before and After – Guest Bedroom

Before and After – Guest Relaxation Lobby

Sneak Peak

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Sneak Peak

This week we have a little sneak peak of the new look and feel.

Tiles, textures and a few other interesting additions to the guest entrance ceilings – or at least we hope you find them interesting.

Guest Rooms rebuilding

Guest Rooms

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Guest room improvements

Every day we notice the changes when we come to work.

Whilst the exterior and lobby is being rebuilt as we saw earlier in the week, there is also a lot going on inside the rooms as well.

New wiring for Foxtel, new baths, showers, even new walls!

Guest Rooms rebuilding

New Bathrooms


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Let the re-building begin

The dust has started to settle – or been vacuumed up – and deliveries have started.  The re-building has begun!

The exterior painting has started, tiles arrived and are already being installed in the lobby, plus there are boxes, and boxes, and boxes of new things arriving every day.

It’s amazing to watch how quickly things can change in just a few days.

The lobby tiles are down and the exterior is looking clean and fresh.  Watch this space for what’s happening in the rooms.

Deliveries and Refurbishment Begin

Exterior painting

Entrance and Lobby Tiles

Bedroom Demolition

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Bye bye Bedrooms

Jack hammers, sledge hammers, dozens of workers smashing and trashing.  Dust filled air and very very loud!

It’s hard to picture what our guest rooms looked even like just a few short weeks ago.

Time to use your imagination – because we cannot reveal our new look just yet.  New paint, new tiles, new furniture, fittings, fixtures, and beds.

Book now for September and be the first in one of our new rooms.

Selling fast!

Guest Room – Before

Guest Room – Now

Bathroom Basics

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Back to basics in the bathrooms

The builders are making their way through Tingirana Noosa – with a sledge hammer!  The bathrooms have been gutted and everything old has been shipped off.  Farewell!

We’ve added a few bathroom before and after photos so you can see the destruction that is underway.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll look like when they are finished!

Bathroom – Before

Bathroom – Now

Striped Bare

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We’ve been striped bare

Tingirana Noosa is a shell – or at least the lobby, guest lounge and gym are now.  The crew have been hard at work, striping, banging and making quite a racket.  Through in a bit of jack hammering and you really now it’s happening now!

Check out these great pics, courtesy of the Tingirana front office team from the front lines.

Guest Lounge – Before and Now

Guest Lobby – Before and Now
(good thing fish only have very short memories –  otherwise they might be a bit traumatised after all this)

Gym – Before and Now (or is it a lunch room?)

What’s in the box?

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What’s in the box?

It’s all going on now.  Things are being stripped out – and more are arriving.  Lots of boxes, lots of utes and lots of furniture.

We’ve been planning this for such a long time – it’s great see everything arriving.

Good thing we don’t have any guests at the moment (although we miss you already)  – there is no room in the car park!

Click to watch the video!

Striped Bare

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So Long Bathrooms – and baths!

This week the crew stripped out the Tingirana Noosa bathrooms – and now they are just down to the bare bones.  Can’t wait to see them evolve in the coming weeks with the new tiles and fittings

No water on site for us in the office though – thank goodness for bottled water

Bathrooms – Before

Bathroom Now

Au Revoir!

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Renovations are Underway!

Tingirana Noosa said farewell to our last guest today and has now officially closed for our upgrade to our guest rooms, facilities and public areas.

Closed to office, locked the doors, and the sign is up!

Can’t wait to share the journey – and welcome you back in a few months.